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Aenco integrates its solutions platform and core financial ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community through the AEN simulation, which is key ecosystem building and extension in all services and community offerings.

AENCO – a blockchain-based healthcare technology financial solutions platform

Aenco is the world’s leading FIRST Blockchain-based healthcare technology financial solutions platform

It destroys healthcare technologies in one umbrella with institutional finance, brokerage and modern capital solutions. To provide institutional finance, key brokers and key capital solutions to the health tech industry, and “is a research and collaboration center for projects in the field of blockchain development. It combines the solutions platform and the core financial ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community. It encourages emerging and emerging healthcare companies to focus on generating high-potential and influential technologies that can change the world and their daily lives. Supported by the group’s planned control infrastructure (including the establishment of a commercial bank within the group) and its presence in major states, including Europe, Hong Kong and the United States, Aenco provides efficient solutions, which are growing and improving rapidly. Ecology.

3 Enco Key Pillars

1. IB Solutions AEN Connect – Smart Wallet and Aenco Portal, AENX – Talk Tone Exchange Platform; AEN Link Escrow and Guardian; ICO gateway, subscription and loyalty program; Research coverage, community discussion and news distribution portal; UX / UI Application Multi-Service Health-Tech Utility Sharing Platform.

2. Connecting the main solutions AEN – Cryptocurrency and asset-crossing securities platform; Ordering and ordering money laundering and financing for creditors and borrowers using secret currency and major Fiat currencies as loan guarantees; Integration with Enco SmartCap solutions to facilitate the purification of futin sources; Margin and clearing system for warranty financing and structured oversized supply chain; Customer care and asset separation system; Control and financial reporting protocols; Integration with ANX and external API systems for performance and settlement services.

3. Smartcap solutions – AEN Token trading integration system with core financial modules; Connect the AEN Smart Wallet and “Proof of Ownership” integration system to major financial modules; Integration system with ANX and Enco Prime Platform to support cleaning services.

Anco Platform to the rules and to the outside

They comply with regulations issued by regulators around the world, and while these regulators may have adopted different perspectives on ICOs, the transparency of the necessary regulatory framework regarding the requirements of Tokkers issuers is growing. For market participants and better publicity. Aneco is expanding into new markets for a long time, building on traditional trade infrastructure to establish control over several major states.

They believe that ICO is a time when development companies are seen as a viable alternative funding tool, and a global regulatory framework will be developed to meet the new challenges that arise. They believe in building a sustainable service platform for emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs, and the group is establishing a global control platform in major continents and markets.

The combination of healthy scientific success and strong financial potential has been enormous in the landscape of startup companies based on Health Tech and medical innovations. However, due to the high nature of business capital, it is difficult for emerging biotechnology and medical technology companies to retain stable and influential sources of funding.

The Enco Forum seeks to take the lead in this exciting technology and social development initiative, as well as its commitment to adopt long-term control of activities and digital assets, using blockchain-based applications that have been implemented in ongoing financial services.

AnEC believes that digital finance, such as ICO, is rapidly becoming a “major” and that many aspects of traditional banking can be embraced, improved and implemented in connection with this development.

Community Hetec will be FIRST to receive such digital funding to serve the health and wellness sectors and significant communities.

Enco’s goal is to establish a fully-fledged blockchain-based financial solutions platform while operating within an internationally accepted regulatory framework by modernizing the ecological blockchain-based financial ecosystem and integrating traditional and modern methods. Such services must be compatible with the main credit (BTC, IT) that you receive in the home-based utility AEN. AEN Stakeholder Assurance will be able to enjoy the benefits described earlier in the ENCO ecosystem.

AENCO Core Technology

1. AEN Connection: Smart Wallet with “Resource App” functions

2. AENCO Aiko Gateway and Platform

3. ANO Guard Wallet with Improved Security

4. Home Improved Trading (AENX)

5. Eye link application and API Integration across multiple service delivery systems


Benefits of N. Token Container

1. Indicative financial utility benefits and accessibility

– Combined loans, reduced payments, increased and decreased interest, alternative investment discounted investments, access to ICO research portal, enhanced security, improved flexibility and more.

2. Medical benefits from health tech partners

– Robotic surgery, surgical procedures and technology, specialized facilities and services and much more.

AEN Token Sale

Signal sales are currently in the private sector.

Residents of sanctioned countries from the United States, Samoa, China, and OFCO do not accept donations. You must qualify and provide a “professional investor” in accordance with the Hong Kong SCCF guidelines and regulations for Hong Kong-based contributions. You will be asked to go through our registration process. To get AEN signs, they will also ask you to go through our KYC verification. First Investment Bonus for Personal Sale and Pre-Sale Period. AEN tokens will be assigned to you when you contribute. The signal distribution date will be after the ICO. The exact date will be announced soon. Depending on the level of donation, there will be locking restrictions.

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